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   The Bosco della Ragnaia is a woodland park and garden created by the American artist Sheppard Craige at San Giovanni d’Asso, a small town near Siena, Italy. Although some parts may appear ancient, the park is a contemporary work that began in 1996 and continues today.

   Under tall oaks one may find many inscriptions that gather moss while waiting to be noticed by a visitor. Some will be familiar, others enigmatic, while yet others merely express Sheppard’s sense of whimsy. Notable built features include: an Altar to Scepticism, the Center of the Universe, and an Oracle of Yourself. The Bosco does not offer a meaning, but is, on the contrary, open to all interpretations.

   Sheppard tells of a time long ago when the woods was ruled by Sages. He repeats the sonorous question with which they concluded all their incantations: Se Non Qui, Dove? (If Not Here, Where?)